The NEXT American Dream

Many people today want to redefine success and find the path to realizing it.  They were programed to believe in the LAST American Dream, but they know it’s over.  They know there's a better way, they know they  could and should be getting credit for their unique value because they see others already doing it, they're just not sure how to forge their own hero brand.

We know how hard it is to find your unique path because we’ve done it ourselves. And we're helping extraordinary professionals, business owners, parents, and youth to succeed by being more of they naturally are as well.  When you find your value and forge your Hero Brand, freedom and hope go UP.

The Vaikido Hero Unschool was developed by Toby LaVigne, creator of the Hero Brand Framework. He has studied entrepreneurship, personal development, and the challenges that Americans face, culminating in a vision for the NEXT American Dream and the HEROpreneurship unschool needed to realize it.

Toby has been an entrepreneur, a CEO, and a coach for decades, and is very experienced in every aspect of business, education, and leadership, from a one person start up to hundreds of employees.  And he is committed to helping everyday heroes forge their very own Hero Brands so they can live their dreams by being more of who they naturally are.

Take The NEXT American Dream Challenge and immerse yourself in inspiration, direction, and support to forge your own prosperity in a very new age. When you see, hear, and feel what it’s like to for forge your very own profitable Hero Brand platform you’ll understand why HEROpreneurs experience greater freedom and prosperity by contributing MORE of who they naturally are...and you're not going to want to live any other way.

The NEXT American Dream Challenge will show you: 1. The NEXT American Dream and the new rules of success.  2. Why HEROpreneurs have a huge advantage.  3. How to begin.

We are drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion.  Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the last American Dream so you can experience greater prosperity and freedom today.  Take The NEXT American Dream Challenge.  Why?  Because if the path to the Next American Dream was clear, everyone would already be doing it.

Let your hero out!